Señodal: Señor de Aldea is a powerful estate wine, with a lot of character and the first red produced by Bodegas Señorío de Aldea.

Variety: Tinta del País 100%.

Age: >25 years.

Vineyard: Pago de La Loma.

Area: 2,2 Ha

Production: 3500-4000 Kgs/Ha.

Location: Aldea de San Esteban.

Soils: Stoney and calcareous.

Weather: dry winter, rainy spring and warm summer.

Barrel maturation: > 11 months in French, American and Center European oak barrels.

Bottle maturation: >24 months



Bright and clean, high layer and intense color. Red cherry color with hues of cardinal.


Complex and intense flavours. Ripe like compote and immediately struck by well assembled flavours of blackberries and plums with aromas of wood, coffee, pepper and cocoa. Further notes of rich balsamic and licorice, characteristic of tempranillo variety.


It is a palatable wine in which alcohol and acidity are well balanced and ripe tannins. Persistent aftertaste of ripe fruit.


The harvest was carried out at dawn manually on October 12 and 13, 2014 in boxes of 10 kg.

Just a few minutes after the harvest, a 3rd selection was made, cluster by cluster, on the table, after which the grape was destemmed and crushed for its subsequent rest in stainless steel vats of less than 5000 liters. The alcoholic fermentation was controlled at 25º, punching and pumping up every 6 hours for 15 days.

After this first fermentation, manual deburring was carried out, which ended with a gentle pressing, beginning with malolactic fermentation that occurred at a temperature of 21º. With the aim of this second fermentation, the wine was placed in French and American oak barrels where it rested for 11 months, after which it was bottled and kept in a bottle rack for at least 36 months before being put on the market.

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